World football legend likely to make a remarkable return from international retirement

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Pic Courtesy: twitter[/caption]

XtraTime Web Desk: Football fans across the globe can get delighted to read the statement of the new Italy National Team boss, as their very own Gianluigi Buffon is likely to make a u-turn and make a comeback into the national team from the retirement.

Interim Italy coach Luigi Di Biagio believes he has convinced the 40-year-old goalkeeper to stay on for friendlies against Argentina and England next month.

Speaking at a training camp for younger players Monday, Di Biagio said 'a player like him can't go out after the loss to Sweden,' referring to the World Cup play-off defeat in November.
Buffon announced his retirement from Italy's squad after that loss.

Di Biagio said he 'proposed that (Buffon) take part in two or three matches then make a decision down the road. So Gigi will probably take part in the March trip.'

Di Biagio said veteran defender Giorgio Chiellini will also remain in the squad, although he wouldn't announce a decision over a possible recall of Mario Balotelli.

Buffon was due to retire from all football at the end of this season but he says there are 'many assessments to be made' before he decides whether or not to quit.

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