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Rohit Sharma spreads awareness to protect whales on World Whale Day

[caption id="attachment_63222" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Whale Rohit Sharma posted this in his official instagram account on World Whale Day. Image Source: Instagram[/caption]

XtraTime Desk: We all know that a lot of Indian cricketers spread awareness to save animals. From India skipper Virat Kohli to former skipper MS Dhoni, all of them try to spread awareness to their fans. Last year Kohli adopted 15 dogs from a Bengaluru animal rescue centre. India’s star opening batsman Rohit Sharma is following the foot steps of these two as he posted an image on his official Instagram account to spread awareness about protecting whales on #WorldWhaleDay.

His post read,” Happy #WorldWhaleDayall! I thought I’d use today to help spread a little awareness on how we can help these magnificent creatures:
1. Everybody should watch the documentary Blackfish. You will never enter another aquarium or kiss a captive whale or dolphin
2. Don’t throw trash in the ocean. If you see anyone doing so, educate them. 8 million pieces of marine debris enter the ocean EVERYDAY that’s horrifying. This debris ends up in the stomach of whales and dolphins often resulting in death.
Let’s use today to educate ourselves about these amazing creatures #WorldWhaleDay.”

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