IPL Auction 2018: What are the new surprises this season?

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Internet Desk: The IPL Auction 2018, which will be taking place in Bengaluru on Saturday and Sunday, will come up with a few exciting amendments and surprises. Before the franchises start rolling, brings the changes into notice for all the cricket enthusiasts across the globe:

● The player salary cap has increased. The cap for each team last season was a measly Rs 66 crores last year and that has gone up to a fairly more respectable Rs 80 crore. It is also set to go up to Rs 82 crore and Rs 85 crore in the next two years respectively.

● The squad size has gone down to 25 from 27.

● The teams can keep a maximum of eight overseas players, as opposed to nine last year, and the minimum number of players for each team is 18.

● Players from the lower categories stand to gain more. All segments for the uncapped players have received a Rs 10 lakh-boost.

● The lower categories of capped players have increased to Rs 50 lakh and Rs 75 lakh, as opposed to Rs 30 lakhs and 50 lakhs last year.

● What is Right to Match or RTM?

Franchises could retain five players with either three through direct retention or three through Right to Match cards that will be used during the auctions. Teams can only use a maximum of three RTMs, regardless of the number of players they managed to retain in the aforementioned lists submitted to the BCCI on January 4.

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