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I-League 2017-18: Khalid Jamil gets insulted again at Aizawl. Find out how

[caption id="attachment_61654" align="aligncenter" width="580"]5063af5c-4a55-4fee-945b-0d0c25e1fe74 A poster against Khalid Jamil in Aizawl. Image Source: Hotstar[/caption]

Kolkata: The life of a professional coach is really tough at times. If you are a winner, the fans often float you on the cloud 9, things get critically different when a champion coach goes to take the charge of another side, immediately after winning his former team the illusive title, the fans don't even hesitate to term you as a 'traitor'. East Bengal coach Khalid Jamil's condition is quite identical.

The pro-licensed coach from Mumbai wrote his name on the pages of history, when he led Aizawl FC towards their miraculous I-League title. Kingfisher East Bengal roped on him this season as the Red and Gold brigade has been starving for that title for years.

On Tuesday, when East Bengal was playing against Aizawl FC, the fans turned up with placards featuring and blaming their former coach Khalid Jamil as "traitor". No doubt, it was a burst of some sheer emotions from the fans who celebrated and respected Khalid as their 'God' when they won the title last season.

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