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Find out What Shankarlal said after winning the Derby

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Kolkata: Shankarlal Chakraborty never lost a Derby match as his team managed to trash Khalid Jamil’s East Bengal yesterday by 2-0. Earlier, he was in the dugout as the head coach of Mohun Bagan in Kolkata League at Siliguri where he drew with his arch rivals but, East Bengal got the title as they were ahead of goal difference.

This time Shankar celebrated the victory with his family after winning the match but, he was in the rush as he had to go with his team to Aizawl. Bagan will face Aizawl Fc on 25 th January.

“It was amazing to spend time with family but, it was quite sleepless night for me as I had to catch the flight in the early morning.” Bagan head coach said.

Last time Mohun Bagan lost to Aizawl and failed to win I-League but, this time Bagan desperately want to win the match to catch East Bengal in the point table. “Every match is a big match for us and we have to win all the remaining matches to claim the title. We have to grab the chance we got and we have to carry the momentum we got in the last match against East Bengal.”Bagan head coach added.
Mohun Bagan will practice on Tuesday as star goalkeeper Shilton Paul will join the team that day. Kingsuk Debnath will not play the match as he is injured. The Bagan coach is waiting for a difficult challenge at Aizawl compiling the figures from now on. "I had lost Churchill Brothers after the first Derby, so to be a champion, this myth must be broken." The coach added.

Kingsley has bottle-packed Dodo-Plaza in returning Derby, the first Derby's hero has played for Aizawl FC in the last season is very confident as he said "I admit that it is tough to win here but it is not impossible, if we can play according to our ability, then everything is possible."


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