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Exclusive Kromah! Takes a dig at Mohun Bagan players and officials

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Kolkata: After missing penalty  and loosing the game against table topper Minarva Punjab Liberian striker Ansumana Kromah part ways with Mohun Bagan as his performance was not up to the mark in this season of I- League. After giving his resignation Kromah talked to and he made some explosive comments against his former team mates and his former officials. Though he didn’t took any name of the officials.

Kromah said, “After the Minarva match the officials had a discussion with me and Dicka (Dipanda Dicka) I realised they want to release me. A striker never wants to miss a goal. I am also very disappointed after missing the penalty but, I tried to score in the previous matches what I can do if my shot takes cross bar or the side bars. The same thing happened with Kamo at the end of the Kolkata League. He was in great form the team came closer to the victory for his brilliant performance but, after missing goal in the Derby he was cut off from the I- League squad. That’s strange.”

He questioned about the strategy of the former coach Sanjoy Sen and also not happy with Shankarlal’s coaching said, “I said both of them to allow me to play as a positive striker but, they didn’t care about it. In Kolkata league I played as a striker but, suddenly my positions has changed after Dicka signed for Bagan. Even in Churchil Brothers I played as a striker and I was successful. Still, I was asked to play little behind from the striker and Dicka became alone. So the team couldn’t win. I had to take all the responsibility and I didn’t want to fight with them. So I resigned.”

He isn’t at all happy with his former captain as well as he said, “Me and Sony Norde both got injured in the match against Shilong Lajong at Barasat stadium. Sony didn’t play in the next match for being the most expensive player of the team the officials couldn’t force him to play but, I have played every match for the sake of the team. Today I got the price. "

At last he also pointed to Dicka for being responsible for the failure of the team as he said, “If you want to perform in the field then you should practice well. Have to do fitness training. Dicka does not do anything. Yes, he was the highest goal scorer in the last edition of I- League but, most of the goals were scored from penalty or a tiebreaker. In this edition also he scored goals in the same way. He does not have the fitness required to score goals from a running ball. So the team is not successful.”





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