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Young kids get overjoyed after getting Maradona as a coach

[caption id="attachment_59679" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Maradona as a coach at Aditya Academy Pic Courtesy: XtraTime Maradona as a coach at Aditya Academy
Pic Courtesy: XtraTime[/caption]

Kolkata: They have been anxious for the morning, probably not from yesterday night but from the time since Diego Armando Maradona announced that he will visiting Kolkata a month back. And finally the students of Aditya School of Sports Football Clinic were graced with the presence of the 'Prince of Football'.

However the day has arrived and with the entry of Maradona at the Aditya Academy grounds, the entire gallery started erupting to Maradona chants. After that Maradona was seen in the role of a coach. For near about 45 minutes the Argentine legend coached the young boys and even pointed the technical mistakes which the kids did.

The goalkeepers had a different training session. The young goalies had to save shots hit by Maradona followed by Maradona kicking ball into the stands. Overall this young generation are extremely delighted on getting coaching tips from Maradona and this surely will be a memorable day of their lives.

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