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Who did Maradona Slap and scratch during his trip to Kolkata?

[caption id="attachment_59722" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Maradona was in a bitter mood when he visited Chelta Agrani today Pic Courtesy: XtraTime Maradona was in a bitter mood when he visited Chelta Agrani today
Pic Courtesy: XtraTime[/caption]

Kolkata: During Maradona's stay at the city of Joy an unfortunate incident took place as the Prince of football lost his cool and slapped a person on his visit to the Chetla Agrani club today, late in the afternoon. And the person who was slapped was none other than Maradona's own secretary Sergio. Not only that he also scratched his girl friend Rocia Oliva's father after that.

While reaching the Cheta Agrani club, Maradona saw a huge crowd has gathered to witness the footballing great. Seeing such a crowd Maradona decided not to step down from his car. After waiting for 45 minutes in his car the car then stopped at the park alongside the Chetla club. The organizers on requesting his secretary Sergio to request Maradona to step down proved futile. According to onlookers who were present claimed that for the 45 minutes heated words were exchanged between Maradona and Sergio and in a fit of rage, Maradona slapped Sergio in front of everyone.

It can be assumed that Maradona was in a bitter mood after watching such a huge crowd as a lot of people who were present there crowded out in front of his car.

However a token of gratitude was presented to Maradona for his presence and he in return signed a football for the organizers while sitting in his car and then left for his hotel.

Earlier while going to Aditya Birla Academy in the morning, the legendary footballer lost his cool too. Maradona didn't know that the ground was that far from his hotel. While going to the ground he frequently asked the organizer how much time it would take to reach the venue, but after not getting any positive answers he got very angry.

After reaching at the venue, Maradona saw that former Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly was yet to reach the spot as he was still stuck in heavy jam. As per sources, Maradona told the organizers that he won't wait for Sourav, but they finally managed to convince him to wait for few more minutes and in the mean time Sourav too reached at the ground.

After inaugurating the football clinic at Aditya Academy, Maradona visited Mother's house in the evening and then went to Chelta Agrani club. Maradona spent around 20 minutes at the Mother House where he showed his respect in front of the statue of Mother Teresa and then after visiting the rooms of the house, went to the prayer room where he knelt down and lighted candles as a mark of respect towards Mother Teresa.

[caption id="attachment_59719" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Maradona in his visit to Mother House today Maradona in his visit to Mother House today[/caption]

Maradona will be leaving tomorrow for Dubai on a private flight.

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