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Top 5 controversies in cricket which shocked the world in 2017

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The year 2017 is coming to an end and it has been a year to remember for controversies in world cricket. Here goes the top 5 controversies in world cricket why the year would be remembered in the history of the game.

#Kohli vs Kumble rift

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It was the most talking matter in 2017 as it was in news that former Indian cricket team coach Anil Kumble stepped down from his post due to his poor chemistry with the India skipper Virat Kohli in last June. During that time, Kohli met with the Cricket Advisory Committee led by Sachin, Sourav and Laxman with Indian captain Kohli and it was made clear from the captain’s side that a dead end has been reached with him and Kumble.

#Hardik Pandya’s controversial tweet after Champions Trophy final


India lost the ICC Champions Trophy final against arch-rivals Pakistan at the Oval and after this humiliating defeat the nation’s star all-rounder Hardik Pandya took a dig at his own teammate on his twitter account.

Hardik was hammering all the bowlers through all parts of the game, but a moment of miscommunication between him and Ravindra Jadeja resulted a run out in favour of Pakistan. He looked furious after this incident and expressed his anger on his twitter too.

"Hume to apno ne loota, gairo me kahan dum tha (We were robbed by our own, the others didn't have the ability)," Pandya wrote.

#Steve Smith’s brain-fade


The incident happened during the Bengaluru Test between India and Pakistan. Smith was trapped in front of the wicket by pacer Umesh Yadav and having already lost a DRS call for  David Warner, the Australians were in a fix on whether to go for another review.

Smith first turned to the non-striker’s end to seek an opinion within the mandated 15 seconds. But sparks flew when the umpires noticed that the batsman had turned his face to the dressing room as well to get a clue.

The on-field officials immediately intervened to stop Smith but matters came to a head when Kohli too joined the discussion, leading to an exchange between him and the rival captain.

Though the Aussie skipper claimed that it was a ‘brain fade’, but India captain Virat Kohli virtually accused the Australian captain by saying that he was cheating in the usage of DRS.

#Dinesh Chandimal comments regarding witchcraft put him in trouble

[caption id="attachment_50656" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Captain Chandimal would be back for the 2nd test. File Pic Captain Chandimal would be back for the 2nd test.
File Pic[/caption]

Before their tour to India, Dinesh Chandimal led Sri Lankan cricket team won the two-match Test series against Pakistan in Dubai. After winning the match Chandimal said that his team had the blessings of witchcraft and that helped the team to win the series. He told reporters he had received a special blessing from a meyni, or sorcerer, ahead of the two-match series in the United Arab Emirates.

“I am always ready to accept the blessings of anyone -- whether it is a meyni or any clergy,” Chandimal told reporters after returning home.

“You can have talent, but without this blessing you can’t move forward.”

#MSK Prasad-MS Dhoni controversy

Earlier in August, Indian cricket board’s chairman M.S.K Prasad made it clear that they were not thinking the former India skipper as their automatic choice. He faced a lot of criticism after that statement. Later the World Cup winning skipper showed the world that he is invaluable in the middle order as he played back to back match-winning knocks against Sri Lanka to take visitors home.

Chief coach Ravi Shastri too said that MSD is still the best in the business.

“Dhoni is still the best wicketkeeper in the world and he is the quickest. The break from Test cricket has been great for Dhoni. He is an asset to the Indian team. He is an elder statesman in the dressing room,” told Shastri.

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