This legendary cricketer has given some valuable tips to Wriddhiman Saha for the South Africa tour

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Sabyasachi Bagchi, Kolkata: India skipper Virat Kohli once said that Wriddhiman Saha is the best wicket-keeper of recent times. After playing 31 Tests for the nation the star wicket-keeper batsman didn’t look a bit selfish in the game and he is always ready serve his country every time. The team will be heavily relying on him on a fast track for his keeping as well as batting. A confident Wriddhiman who is also known as ‘Superman’ is going to South Africa to show the world that he is not only a good wicket-keeper batsman at home but also at the overseas too. Ahead of going to South Africa the ‘New Icon of Bengal Cricket’ gave an exclusive interview to . Here goes the conversation:

XT: How are you preparing yourself just ahead of the South Africa series ?

Wriddhi: Look, I haven’t done anything new ahead of going there as I had to join the Bengal team just after the Test series against Sri Lanka. But just ahead of the Ranji Trophy semifinal I had suffered with viral fevor on the morning of the match day and I was forced to return to Kolkata. Now I am feeling quite well now and will start my training and gym from tomorrow.

XT: You didn’t get a chance in your last two outings in South Africa, but here you are the first choice of the of the team. Are you excited about this?

Wriddhi: You are right that I don’t have any experience of playing a Test match in South Africa, but I had played there for India ‘A’ and I want to capitalize on that experience. On the other hand I have ample idea about the South African pitches after playing so many years on international circuit. I am not that excited too that it won’t suit with my nature. I just want to perform as my primary aim is to help my side every time I go to the field.

XT: Everyone is saying that it would be a very tough series. Are you doing some extra training for this?

Wriddhi: I am doing a special training for last few years to keep my lowere waist flexible. I always give an extra effort on ‘low catching’ during my training session; it helps you to improve your reflex. On the other hand you have to understand a wicket-keeper batsman has a good hand-eye co-ordination, he will always be successful on the overseas. I always try to do these trainings to keep myself fit to play international cricket for next few years.

XT: Did you get any tips from the former wicket-keeper batsman ahead of the South Africa series?

Wriddhi: I saw Mahi Bhai pretty closely in last two outings. He had given me some valuable tips about how one should do his keeping on a bouncy track. He has an unconditional technique but still he is very much successful in international cricket. So I will try capitalize on his valuable inputs.

XT: How batsman Wriddhiman is preparing for the series?

Wriddhi: Look I won’t change my technique of play there as it may harm my game. But I will just use lighter bats during the tour and beside that Sanjoy Bangar will be there to look after me. I just want to say that I will bat their just like I always do. I won’t spare any bowler if I get a ball loose ball to hit.

XT: Do you think this Indian team has the ability to win a Test series in south Africa? Dale Steyn has already started saying verbal words against all of you. 

Wriddhi: I have seen what he has said on paper, but our game plan is ready too. We have played aggressive game of cricket in last couple of years and if we can do the same in South Africa, our team has a great chance of winning there and we are confident of doing well.

XT: The only practice match ahead of the series has been cancelled. Do you think it would affect the team?

Wriddhi: I don’t think so. According to me it will help us there. In last two outings I had personally seen that the bowlers were not up to the mark or they had given us some amateur bowlers during our net session. Now the BCCI has decided to send Indian bowlers who will bowl us at the nets. We will get practice from the bowlers who have done really well in the Ranji Trophy and this is a great decision of the board. The first Test is set to start from January 5. Ahead of that we will start our camp after reaching Newlands.

XT: Do you think Virat Kohli’s aggressive captaincy will make any difference between the sides?

Wriddhi: It will make a lot of difference. You have seen that Kohli is always charged up in the field from the start to the end of the game. He not only charged his teammates but also cheer the supporters from the ground, which is a big factor too. So I think we will see his aggressive leadership on South Africa tour too.

XT: You have taken a lot of great catches behind the stump. What are your teammates said about your brilliant catches?

Wriddhi: (With smile) They all said that you can only take these types of catches and that was the biggest compliment from me.

XT: Last question. You have seen both Anil Kumbla and Ravi Shastri. What is the basic difference between them?

Wriddhi: They both want nothing but an win, but Ravi always say in the team meeting that you have to destroy your opponents. He is nothing but a leader, on the other hand Anil bhai is like a school teacher inside the dressing room.

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