The match between Chennai City FC and East Bengal is in doubts. Find out why

[caption id="attachment_60411" align="aligncenter" width="580"]25593818_1734545146564449_1436297531_n (1) Ground condition in Coimbatore today. Image Source: East Bengal Samachar[/caption]

Kolkata: East Bengal may not play their I-League 2017-18 match against Chennai City FC as the ground condition is very poor. When the Red & Gold Brigade reached at the venue on the eve of the match, the saw the horrific picture of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Coimbatore. After looking at the ground, coach Khalid Jamil looked very anxious as the players might face an injury during the game. The player was stunned to see a tractor in the middle of the ground. Though the organizers assured the team management that they will make the ground ready before schedule for the big game between Chennai City FC and East Bengal.

After reaching the ground today the team saw that after completion of the trimming the grasses there are at least 50 holes in the ground. East Bengal official Debabrata Sarkar talked to the I-League CEO Sunanda Dhar about this matter last night, though nothing has come out as yet, whether the match will happen or not.

The Red & Gold team management have sent a letter to the match commissioner by stating that, the organizers got the ground in the month of November, still they failed prepare a proper ground. Whose fault is this?

On being asked about the matter, Debabrata Sarkar told to that,” This is really unfortunate. You know we always have to struggle to survive here. Now we are going to the ground and after having a look at the ground we will take our final decision.”

Chennai City FC Manager Krishna Kumar said,” It is true that the ground is not well prepared like the other grounds, but it is not unplayable. Here I-League matches are being played for last 17 years. We are working day and night since last two days and we are hopeful that the match will start as per the schedule.”

Beside that he blew away all the allegations of East Bengal.” I don’t know why they are saying all this nonsense. You have to understand footballers of both the sides will have to play on this ground and do you think we would put our footballers’ career in the trouble.

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