Mohun Bagan & East Bengal don't need 'free tickets' like others to fill the gallery: Sanjoy Sen

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He is yet to recover fully from the bypass surgery he had a few days back. Despite the fact, Mohun Bagan gaffer Sanjoy Sen is gearing up for the first Kolkata Derby of this Hero I-League season on Sunday. The tactician who has the rich experience while playing against Kingfisher East Bengal is gearing up for another Kolkata Derby. In an interaction with journalist Suman Chakravorty, Sanjoy Sen as explosive as ever ahead of the biggest game in Indian football. Here goes the conversation:

XT: Considering the present situation of Indian football, how do you see the impact of this game on Sunday?

Sanjoy Sen: Well, we all know the craze of this game. In Indian football, these days we see two different sets of crowd.  If it's the ISL, we see teams try to fill the gallery with the free tickets as they have no real fan base. So this is understandable that they have to bring fans with that method. Despite their "show off" attitude, the stands remain empty. On the flip side, I am not talking about the other states, but in our state, Mohun Bagan & East Bengal don't need 'free tickets' like others to fill the gallery. They are emotions. The two names are enough to make the stadium a "full house". Unfortunately, in the last I-League game East Bengal played against Aizawl FC, there were not too many fans at the gallery. Actually, there are a few fans who love to show all their mutiny against ISL on social networking sites but don't go to watch and cheer for their favourite team during the I-League. But derby is a different game and I am sure the stands would be full.

XT: For security reasons, the fans won't be able to bring Tifo and sticks with their flags this time. The fans seemed to be a bit disappointed as well for that. What's your take on that? 

Sanjoy Sen: I fully support this decision by the police. Majority of the fans are not civilized as yet. For security reasons this has been a bold step and I welcome the initiative. The fans should first try to be civilized before anything. Even in the first game East Bengal played at the VYBK, eight fans got arrested. That tells you the story. There have been so many instances in the past when we have seen the stadium properties got affected at the VYBK during the derbies. That'swhy I believe that this has been a wise decision. There should be an ending line of this activities.

XT: A bit off topic question. You had been the Head Coach of Indian Arrows in the past. How do you see this Indian Arrows side? The boys got a great start against Chennai City FC.

Sanjoy Sen: I want to congratulate them them. But at the same time I felt the Chennai City team to be very much disorganized. The bigger test will be when they will play the top teams, specially towards the business end of the season. But I always applaud this initiative by the AIFF for giving them the opportunity to play in the I-League. Tactically this Arrows team is very organised and Matos is a fine coach.

XT: There would be a lot of new faces in your team in this derby unlike the previous seasons. How do you see this aspect? 

Sanjoy Sen: Usually, the Kolkata derby means the battle between Ghoti and Bangal. But this season, in my team there are not too many Bengali players in the playing XI. Same goes with East Bengal as well. So, in terms of the emotional aspect of the players, this game might be a new experience for the majority of the players. They should use this as a new opportunity.

XT: What would be your message for the fans who would come to watch the game?

Sanjoy Sen: Well, this is the first time the I-League and ISL is going on simultaneously. The talks are going on regarding which league is more popular as well. I farmly believe that the fans will answer all the questions on Sunday.

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