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Exclusive: Why is Sony Norde lucky for Mohun Bagan?

[caption id="attachment_59217" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Sony Norde in a practice session today Pic Courtesy: XtraTime Sony Norde in a practice session today
Pic Courtesy: XtraTime[/caption]

Gopal Roy & Sabyasachi Bagchi, Kolkata:
After defeating arch-rivals in the recently I-League derby, Mohun Bagan skipper Sony Norde is not finished. As a matter of fact the Haitian Hurricane wants to push himself to the maximum limit. Tuesday after the gym session, Sony was seen practicing separately with the fastest player of the squad, i.e. Chesterpaul Lyngdoh. After the conclusion of the training the Sony was seen rushing to a hospital but why? Seated alone in his car with only's Gopal Roy and Sabyasachi bagchi, Bagan skipper Sony Norde shares his views.

XT: After gym while rest of the teammates were resting in the dressing room, you joined Lyngdoh in training. Any special reasons?

Sony: In the last game I couldn't give my 100% as the opponent players had marked me well so i had to do something extra. Lyngdoh is the fastest guy in the team, if I can compete and defeat him them I will be able to improve myself.

XT: What happened that you had to rush to a hospital after training. Anything serious?

Sony: It was just a slight fever. I am much better now. I will take rest tomorrow and join training the next day.

XT: Your next three matches will be home matches at Barasat. What are your expectations?

Sony: It will be hard as it is a small ground with asto-turf. Mohun Bagan played very well in the CFL so many of the players knows the conditions. We are hopeful to get full points but for me the games will be hard.

XT: You have an unbeaten record against East Bengal in the derbies. What is your say on that?

Sony: I am unaware of this fact but I am lucky for Mohun Bagan and Mohun bagan is lucky with me. if I play for Mohun Bagan I never want to lose because I don't like to lose. If I lose I think my life is finished so i work hard and I talk with the players that we want to win by 4-0, 5-0.If I lose I think that I have lost my wife or my mother.

XT: Does your football craziness create any trouble with your wife and family?

Sony: I try my best to spend quality time with my family. In the morning before practice I jog with my son. then after practice and lunch I jog with my son. My family knows my job and knows my passion for football.

XT: How do and your wife send time with your son?

Sony: In Kolkata we don't have too much to do as my wife and son doesn't like going out too much. Last day we went to a multiplex to watch a movie and next week we are planning to visit an amusement park and that's how we try to provide our son, some little happiness.

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