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Exclusive: Which Bagan legend does Kingsley consider to be his Friend-Philosopher and Guide?

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Pic Courtesy: XtraTime[/caption]

Sabyasachi Bagchi, Kolkata: What a way to get the first goal of his I-League career and that too in the all important Kolkata derby. Within just a night, life has taken a new turn for him. However Mohun Bagan defender Kingsley’s life was not very easy at the beginning. Hailing from Nigeria’s Enadustate, he began his football career in India by playing in Bengaluru’s HAL. Despite dedicating the goal of the derby to his mother Florence, Kingsley’s introduction to Kolkata football was done by Chima Okorie. After a successful season with Aizawl FC last season, the hero of the derby is unbeaten against East Bengal. In an exclusive interview with XtraTime’s Sabyasachi Bagchi, Kingsley discusses his various journies of football.

XT: Do you have contact with Chima Okorie?

Kingsley: Yes we have regular contact with each other. In 2012 Chima first introduced me to Police AC. However he didn’t knew me well then. He is my Friend-Philosopher-Guide.

XT: Undefeated against East Bengal. What is your view on this?

Kingsley: Yes this statistics is true. However it is a good record. After playing against East Bengal in four occasions, I have that record. After is introduction in the I-League, the game at Barasat was a draw while Aizawl won the return leg against East Bengal. As for Mohun Bagan, there was a draw in the CFL, and now a victory yesterday.

XT: You have played under Khalid Jamil and Sanjoy Sen. How different are their gameplay?

Kingsley: Both are very good coaches as they are highly practical. The match reading of the two coaches are also brilliant. Both are the best in their own way.

XT: What did Sony say to you during the match?

Kingsley: Sony is a highly experienced and an important player. He made us understand the importance of the derby. After the first goal, he said he if won’t be able to score more goals, then the lone goal would become the most important. As a result we cannot concede any goals. The next 45 minutes we will have to play with extreme care as such an opportunity would not come again.

XT: In general trend, the team that wins the derby often mumbles to win the next game. What are your thoughts?

Kingsley: Derby is past now. We are not thinking about that. We will be taking match by match into consideration. The aim is to win the I-League. If we fail to win the league then there is no point in winning the derby.

XT: You are a strong believer of God. After the all important goal, any special celebrations?

Kingsley: In general I visit the church before everyday’s practice while sometimes I visit after practice. Yesterday after the match I went to church and then returned home. There was no such special celebrations, my job is to play football with a cool head.

XT: What were your plans to stop Mahmoud Al Amna?

Kingsley: Not only Amna, the job was to stop the entire East Bengal team which we did yesterday.```

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