Exclusive: Find out what Sony Norde with a different mood has to say about East Bengal?

What did Sony say about top Mohun Bagan officials?

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Gopal Roy and Sabyasachi Bagchi, Kolkata: He is professional footballer but does that mean that he has to speak about football all the time? Mohun Bagan skipper Sony Norde however has a different opinion altogether. And as a result www.xtratime.in has prepared some different questions for the Haitian Superstar were Sony shared some funny incidents. Viewers are not accustomed to such anecdotes as Sony never shared such before in the past. Seated in his car along with Gopal Roy and Sabyasachi Bagchi, we get to see a different side of Sony Norde.

XT: For which three reasons can we see Mohun Bagan becoming I-League champions?

Sony: The competition has just began. Still if you want to know the three reasons, then I would say first would be we have practiced very hard. We all strive to give our 100%. Secondly our striking force is very good. Dicka and Kromah are hungry to score goals. Thirdly we want to be become the champions for the fans. In the last two seasons we started brilliantly but lost out in the middle of the season. This year we don’t want to repeat the same mistake. So my advise to the team is that we will have to play ever better than we played against East Bengal.

XT: While most of the players have selected to play in the ISL, you decided to play in the I-League is that a rist for your career?

Sony: See, personally I prefer the ISL so somewhere you will have to sacrifice something. In the last two seasons I played both the leagues. I think there is a little difference between both the two leagues. This is one of the reasons to play in the I-league and another reason is to my “Second Chance” and that has been possible with Mohun Bagan. The love and support that I have received from the fans and officials here is amazing and I will not receive that anywhere.

XT: How is your relation with Katsumi now?

Sony: Katsumi is my ‘best friend’. So the respect towards his remains the same. He is a part of my family however in the field for the 90 minutes we are the biggest enemies.

XT: Five reasons for liking Kolkata?

Sony: Naming five would be tough so I’ll name three. One:- this is city is crazy for football. Secondly I love cricket and cricket is extremely popular here and lastly when Sony Norde returns to this city he gets to identify himself in a new way.

XT: Who is the biggest planner in your dressing room?

Sony: For the last two seasons Katsumi was the biggest planner and now it’s Kingsley.

XT: Who is most addicted to his mobile in your squad?

Sony: Kromah. After a match or after practice one can see him with his mobile. Not only this he is seen with his mobile everywhere.

XT: Who sleeps the most?

Sony: Who else but me! Be it travelling from to Kalyani, Barasat or Shiliguri, I take my seat early and go for a sleep. While traveling away I sleep again and no one disturbs me. Ans as a result I am always late for team lunch or dinner by 5-10 minutes.

XT: Now a funny question. Let’s imagine you are the physical trainer of Mohun Bagan then how would you train your club officials Srinjoy Bose and Debasish Dutta?

Sony: Let me tell you, that this won’t sound right but if I were the trainer then I would tell them to run across the field for two hours as they also tell us the same thing during practices or matches.

XT: Okay now a tricky question. It has come to light that every year you are presented with a blank che from East Bengal but on every occasion you have refused it. If you were to write a love letter on that check to that East Bengal official, then whose name would you have written?

Sony: It is true that I have never accepted their blank cheque and the reason is very simple, I will never play for them. So it would be impossible for me to write a love letter on that cheque as I don’t know any officials of them. Another thing let me inform you all is that for Mohun Bagan I only know Debasis Dutta and Srinjoy Bose.

XT: It has come to light that you forced Sanjoy Sen to quit smoking.

Sony: Just a few months ago, He had a big surgery. He has returned to the field this soon is a big reward for us. So one day in the dressing room we requested him to quit smoking and he abided to our request.

XT: Last time you searched something on Google?

Sony: I don’t directly search Google. If I need to match any match, then I search in on YouTube.

XT: Before this interview whom did you last text or whatsapp?

Sony: After leaving the club, I saw the messages from Kimberlie and then I texted a friend whom I can’t name.

XT: Whom did you last call?

Sony: I don’t like calling. I generally text or whatsapp.

XT: Which song is played the most in the two of your iPhones?

Sony: My phone is filled with English song with majority of them being Haitian songs. I also a love an American band but can’t remember the name at this moment. So I listen to their songs all the time.

XT: Your favourite five movies?

Sony: Jackie Chan and Jet Lee’s two movies are my favourites but forgot the names as I have a poor memory. While Playing for Mumbai City FC I watched two of Ranvir’s movies. Fifth movie would be Fast and Furious 8.

[caption id="attachment_59284" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Sony with his son Sony with his son[/caption]

XT: Favourite Bollywood hero?

Sony: Ranvir Kapoor. Last two years I played in his team and he is a very funny person who loves me dearly.

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