Do you what this legendary Pakistani cricketer has to say regarding Kohli's future?

[caption id="attachment_11084" align="aligncenter" width="700"]waqar-younis1 Waqar Younis thinks Virat Kohli will break all the records in batting. Image Source: File Pic[/caption]

Internet Desk: Legendary Pakistani cricketer and former captain Waqar Younis feels that in the coming years India skipper Virat Kohli will break all the batting records.

"The way he is maintaining his fitness and the way he enjoys his game and focusses on his skill level, I think he is destined to break all batting records in the years to come," Waqar said.

Waqar resigned as Pakistan’s head coach last year, said that Kohli is a supreme- talented batsman in recent era.

While taking about the best batsman of his era, he said cricket had changed a lot in the last decade and he still rates Kohli at the top because of his commitment to fitness and he always try to improve his batting skills.

"The way I see it he should go on to achieve a lot of batting records," Waqar said.

Asked to compare Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara - the two greats of his time - Waqar said he rated the Indian maestro higher.

"I played a lot against Tendulkar and he made his debut against us. Over the years I saw him become a thorough professional and I have not seen such a committed player. He was the best batsman I bowled to and it used to be a challenge."

He said Lara was naturally gifted and could be devastating on his day.

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