Cristiano Ronaldo

Do you know why Maradona took a dig at Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Internet Desk: Real Madrid star forward Cristiano Ronaldo just won the Ballo d’Or for the fifth time a week ago to equal the score with Lionel Messi.

Just after winning the crown, while speaking to the media Ronaldo mocked Messi and proclaimed himself as the best player of all time in football history.

"No other footballer does things that I am not capable of doing myself,” the Manchester United star said.

“But I see that I do things that others can't do. There's no player more complete than me.

“I play well with two feet, I'm fast, powerful, good with headers, I score goals, I deliver assists.

"People have the right to prefer Neymar or Messi. But I insist: There is no one more complete than me.

"You will go and say that I have a big head, but when you're at the top, it's normal that you're criticised. ... I am the best player in history, in both good and bad times."

“Tell him to quit f*****g around,” he said when asked about the Portugal international by a journalist.

The journalist then replied by saying: “If he’s the best, what does that make you?”

And Maradona answered: “Exactly. That’s why tell him to quit f*****g around.

“From the few players that I saw, amongst the greatest were Di Stefano, Cruyff, Messi.

“Cristiano Ronaldo could be in there as well.”

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