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Why did Bagan Ratna Subrata Bhattacharya didn't watch any games at Yuba Bharati?

Subrata Bhattacharya set to resign as United Sports Club coach? File Pic

Kolkata: He is egotistical and dejected and that is exactly why Mohun Bagan Ratna winner Subrata Bhattacharya didn't go to Yuva Bharati Stadium to witness the recently concluded FIFA U17 World Cup.

Did he not the tickets? Nope. Did the IFA not invite him? Nope. He had all kinds of allowances yet Subrata Bhattacharya didn't travel to the Salt Lake Stadium to watch any game.

A lot of questions had hovered round his head namely, if a ticket is to be purchased then which is the best place to collect it? And the ticket is correct or not?

"This is not the only reason, despite getting the tickets, there is no provision for car parking. The car needs to be parked at Belighata and then walk to the stadium. These incidents happen only in Indian football. Had this been Indian cricket would such have happened?" said Subrata Bhattacharya.

A grief also remains against the Federation. Rennedy Singh, Cliford Miranda and others are getting a chance in A license coaching while he is not being given a B license. And this adds up to another reason of not watching the FIFA U17 World Cup.

"Subhas Bhowmik, Bhaskar Ganguly has protested about this" he added.

As a result Bhattacharya watched and reported the games on television and witnessed Sunil Chhetri arriving at the stadium with the trophy and FIFA President Gianni Infantino handing the trophy to the winners.

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