What measures would be taken on the three accused players of Dalhousie by the IFA?

[caption id="attachment_57373" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Refree Rabin Biswas was beaten up by three footballers of Dalhousie Club at Barasat. Refree Rabin Biswas was beaten up by three footballers of Dalhousie Club at Barasat.[/caption]

Kolkata: Almost 24 hours have past since the referee Rabin Biswas was attacked while conducting a match between Taltala Dipti Sanga and Dalhousie club. The referee who was reportedly attacked by three players, Bera Oraon, Rana Mukherjee and Vincent Vibek of Dalhousie had lodged an F.I.R at Barasat Police station. However no such action has been carried out on the three footballers as of now.

"The investigation as of now is ongoing. As the incident occurred during the match and football players are associated with it so we will not arrest someone this fast. Such incidents occur during games but I am not all saying that referees would be attacked or other. We will have a talk with the players, match officials and club officials of both the clubs and then complete the investigation. After that the legal action would be taken" said Jay Prakash Pandey, Isnpector-in-charge, Barasat Police Station.

"The report consisting the details of the action, to the F.I.R has been sent to Calcutta Referee Association (CRA) by Rabin Biswas and the same report has been forwarded to the IFA Secretary Utpal Ganguly. The Referee Association would take stern measures if such incidents take place on referees in the near future and if Dalhousie or it's players are not provided with the proper punishment then the CRA would not send any referee to conduct games in which Dalhousie club would play" said Chitadas Mazumdar of the CRA.

However Utpal Ganguly is of the opinion that a meeting would take place on November 6, and he is unwilling to comment on what measures would be taken place on the accused players.

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