New twist in the controversy. Sreesanth accuses the BCCI

[caption id="attachment_56669" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Sreesanth has accused the BCCI by claiming that the board has seperate rules for him. File Pic Sreesanth has accused the BCCI by claiming that the board has seperate rules for him.
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Internet Desk: The ongoing controversy between Sreesanth and the BCCI which have been continuing for quite sometime erupts once again after the former Indian international opened up to Republic today.

Talking to republic, the banned pacer claimed, "Names were taken of players who are still playing for many countries. What about them?" and even went on to make a very serious accusation that "BCCI didn't want names to be revealed".

As per claims from Sreesanth, previously BCCI had said it will affect Indian Cricket. He also claimed that during his interrogation many names were taken up but Sreesanth is reluctant to share them. "So many names taken during interrogation. I won't take names but Delhi Police named them"

"During probe, cops dropped one name after the other... yes, some of them are still playing for the country" added Sreesanth.

Sreesanth went on to accuse as to why not all the accused players have been questioned. "Why weren't those accused players questioned? Delhi Police said there will be a crackdown on all" said Sreesanth.

"Delhi cops took names of those who fixed matches. Some cricketers played for IPL, some playing even now" continued Sreesanth as he went on to explain about the injustice that he is facing.

"I don't know names of all 13 players in secret envelope. So much evidence; so many accusations against them... Why only me? Why not question the other players" Sreesanth retorted.

Bringing up the fact that the players of the two banned teams of IPL were not questioned."Teams like CSK & Rajasthan Royals banned only for two years... Why weren't players from CSK questioned?" said Sreesanth.

Ending on a serious accusation and charging the BCCI, Sreesanth concluded by saying, "Why does BCCI have separate rules for me?"

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