Why does West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle proclaim himself to be a “Good Man”?

Internet Desk: West Indies T20 specialist Chris Gayle has proclaimed himself to be a "Good Man" following a defamation case he won against Fairfax Media after articles posted by them in 2016 claimed he had exposed his genitals to a masseuse at the Drummoyne Oval in Sydney back in 2015.

Massage therapist Leanne Russell claimed in the hearing that Gayle had exposed himself to her by removing his towel in the changing room.

She then reported it to Fairfax Media who published the subsequent articles on the 38-year-old in their publications in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Canberra Times.

However, the Supreme Court jury in Sydney ruled on Monday (30 October) that Gayle was innocent, as they denied allegations that he intentionally exposed his genitals, indecently propositioned and exposed himself in the first place to Russell.

They also ruled that Fairfax Media were motivated by malice in their publishing of the articles.

"I am a good man. I am not guilty," Gayle told reporters, as quoted on BBC. "I am glad the public actually get a chance to read into things and they can hear what actually transpired."

Fairfax Media on the other hand, believe they received an unfair trial and that the jury was misled. A spokesperson also added that they are investigating the possibility of appealing.

The court will consider the extent of damages on Tuesday.


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