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Watch: "Virushka" gets romantic in new commercial

[caption id="attachment_56721" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Viruska Virat and Anushka in a commercial together. Image Source: twitter[/caption]

Internet Desk: India skipper Virat Kohli’s relationship with the Bollywood Diva Anushka Sharma is known to all. The power-couple took their romance to a whole new level in a commercial.

In the commercial it shows a couple is getting married and "Virushka" are present in the occasion too. Sitting beside Anuskha, Virat promised about a lot of things to her. Virat said he would cook for her for 15 days a month, in reply Anushka said she will eat that without complaining about its taste. She promised to Virat that she would keep all his passwords secret and Kohli in reply promised he won’t watch any season finale of a reality show without her.

He further promises to keep himself fit only for her. Ultimately the India skipper says he will take care for the rest of his life and after some blush Anushka replied she will do the same too.

Here goes the video:

Though this is not the first time, they have done a commercial but in this advertisement they looked more adorable together than ever.

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