Misquoted? Sreesanth makes new comment regarding his previous claims


Internet Desk: S Sreesanth who hit the news a couple of days back when he said that he claimed of playing cricket outside India, says that he was misquoted. As per his latest claims Sreesanth has expressed his desire to in T20 leagues that are outside India.

Previously Sreesanth had reportedly posted a couple of tweets where he claimed that he has faced injustice. He believes that he has very little cricket left in him and would be eager to play the sport.

“I was a bit emotional and got carried away that day. What I meant was that cricket is important to me. That I would play for T-20 leagues in other countries. In Dubai, there is a T-10, for example. I was approached by these team owners to play when the ban was lifted. My words were misinterpreted,” Sreesanth told the Indian Express.

“The matter is in the court now. I am waiting for the order to reach me. Once I get it in black and white, I will consult my legal team and take the next step. I will keep fighting. But I still believe in the judiciary and I hope I get justice. If I could wait for four-and-half years, why not a little more,” further added the speedster.

Sreesanth was acquitted of his charges by the Kerala High Court after the BCCI imposed a life ban on him after finding him guilty in involvement in spot-fixing in the 2013 edition of IPL while playing for Rajasthan Royals.

“See, I love cricket and am the last person who would get involved in something like spot-fixing. Anyone who knows me will think twice before coming to me with such an offer. Because I don’t even listen to the captain before I play a match. I wouldn’t agree to do it even for Rs 100 crore,” justified the 34-year-old.

“Also, when you represent the country and play good cricket, you also get plenty of advertisements. The IPL was going on too, so you get to make more than enough for your lifetime, for two or three generations even! Why should I cheat for Rs 10 or 15 lakh?” concluded the two-time world cup winning cricketer.

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