FIFA U17 World Cup: Why Ghana can be a tough team to break for Colombia in the opening game?

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Suman Chakravorty & Sabyasachi Bagchi, New Delhi: Colombia vs Ghana, the first game of  the FIFA U17 World Cup, will be played at 5 pm local time at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium tomorrow.

Colombia who have had their best position at number four in the tournament in 2003 and 2009, will have their task cut out when they face Ghana, who have been champions in 1991 and 1995. But Colombia are quietly confident and comments from their camp before the match suggested that they will go about their business in a no-fuss fashion. Here is what coach Orlando Restrepo and player Thomas Gutierrez said at the pre-match media conference.

What is the thinking of players ahead of the World Cup?

Restrepo: We take the team as one unit and they all are eager to perform at this level.

Gutierrez: I am happy to be here in India for the World Cup. There is some pressure on us but we will enjoy it.

Restrepo: We move to play tournaments across the world as a team. We remain more concentrated on our game and remain focused for the match.

Gutierrez: Colombo will take it as it comes. We are prepared for Ghana.

Ghana is an attacking team. How do you plan to deal with that threat?

Restrepo: All teams have their own style and strategies. We are just concentrating on improving the qualities of our own team.

Gutierrez: We acknowledge Ghana’s attack, we will play our natural game.

Ghana coach Paa Kwesi Fabin echoed similar sentiments when speaking on his once-dominant side. “We are still the leaders of Africa as far as I am concerned and it is my belief the world will see it in this tournament,” Fabin said on Thursday.

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