A bad day for Bengal Football. Find out why


Kolkata: Once again Bengal football views a dark day owing to a brawl in the fields. From slaps to punches to kicks being hurled at the referee to stoping the match, Barasat stadium lay a witness to how the injued referee was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance and ultimately a police complain being lodged.

Vidyasagar Stadium of Barasat hosted a first division game organised by IFA which saw Taltala and Dalhousie facing each other. Taltala were comfortably winning the game 2-0 owing to two goals in each half. However things took an ugly turn in the 82nd minute when they were awarded a penalty after a Dalhousie defender handed the ball in his box.

Match referee Robin Biswas said, “ A penalty was given to Taltala when a Dalhousie defender directly handed the ball. Moments later 3 Dalhousie footballers Bera Oraon, Rana Mukherjee and Vincent Vibek lost their cool and attacked me. After throwing me in the ground they punched and kicked me. One of the punches broke the top corner of my right eye. I was ushered out from the ground behind the goal post on a stretcher after I lost my consciousness. After that my fellow match officials and Officials of Taltala took me to Barasat Government hospital where I was treated. After receiving treatment I went to Barasat station were I lodged an F.I.R against those three players and then informed IFA Secretary Utpal Ganguly about the matter. I hope a decison will be taken soon”.

Utpal Ganguly is of the opinion that under no circumstances such actions would be tolerated. When the report finally lands then if found guilty then the club and the mentioned players would face stern measures.

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