Exclusive: Find out how Ansumana Kromah wants to be the Shahrukh Khan of the Kolkata derby?

[caption id="attachment_55102" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Mama 15 Kromah in a practice session today at Siliguri. Image Source: XtraTime[/caption]

Sabyasachi Bagchi, Siliguri: He is not like the other footballers who spend their afternoon by having a sound sleep. Rather, he loves to keep his eyes on the television to watch his favourite Shahrukh Khan movies. Mohun Bagan's star midfielder Ansumana Kromah has changed the routine on Saturday. The reason is very simple, he is going to play his first Kolkata Derby of his career on Sunday. Before going to the team meeting, Kromah spoke to correspondent Sabyasachi Bagchi at Siliguri ahead of the battle of pride.

XT: East Bengal is gonna get huge support from the fans at Siliguri. Getting tensed?

Kromah: I know that. But the fans won't play on the ground. We are focusing only on the game. To win the league after seven long years, we need to treat this game as a final. We are ready to give our 200%.

XT: Everyone is saying that East Bengal are the favourites as they need just a draw to win the league. But Mohun Bagan have to win the game to win the league.

Kromah: We know that very well. We will play for three points. Don't wanna go back from here with empty hands.

XT: This would be your first Kolkata Derby. How are you motivating yourself?

Kromah: Mohun Bagan had won the last I-League derby at this venue. The two goals by Sony and Azhar are enough to motivate myself. I have seen those goal videos for many a number of times. Today, I was having a chat with Azhar regarding that game. And yes, even on that day, they had more fans on the stands than us. If we can play to our potential,  we will win tomorrow's game as well.

XT: What do you want to say about East Bengal as an opposition team?

Kromah: They are not an unknown opposition to us. I scored a goal against them for Churchill Brothers in the previous season as well.

XT: East Bengal midfielder Al Amna is in lethal form. Any concerns?

Kromah: I heard about him from Kingsley. I have seen him play as well. Fantastic playmaker. But Kingsley has his plans ready for him.

XT: Plaza is coming to this game with the confidence of scoring a hattrick in the previous game. Any plan for him?

Kromah: If you allow the best forward of your opposition team, you have have to end up being the runners-up only. Who wants to lose? Our captain Kinshuk has made it very clear that we won't leave a single inch tomorrow.

XT: The Bagan fans are relying heavily on the K2 combination. Any message for them?

Kromah: Just wanna say, keep supporting us like the way you have been doing. We won't let you down.

XT: So, you are saying that you are just a step away to become Mohun Bagan's Shahrukh Khan?

Kromah: I am praying exactly the same to the almighty. Just wanna sing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai tomorrow like him after winning the Calcutta Football League tomorrow.

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